Jacob Hunter is a political consultant and advocate for sustainable transportation, drug policy reform, social justice and environmental sustainability based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is employed as the Director of Digital Infrastructure at Vision Vancouver. Jacob serves as the Vice-Chair of the City of Vancouver Active Transportation Policy Council, and sits on the Board of Directors of the BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA), the Pivot Foundation and the Vancouver Public Spaces Network. Jacob is the founder and administrator of the drug policy activism website WhyProhibition.ca and has provided extensive communications support for medical marijuana dispensaries across Canada.

Currently Jacob is serving as a senior campaign strategist for the Sensible BC referendum campaign. During the 2013 BC Provincial Election, Jacob was the Campaign Manager for George Chow’s NDP campaign in Vancouver-Langara. While during the 2011 Vancouver municipal election Jacob worked for Vision Vancouver providing database support.

Jacob attended the University of Northern British Columbia where he studied political science and economics. He lives with his girlfriend Nicole Seguin, and their two dogs, in the Yaletown neighbourhood of Vancouver.

Contact Jacob:
Phone: 604-343-4685
Email: jacob@jacobhunter.ca